Elections are a messy procedure no matter what country or state you might be in. From the campaign period up to the voting process and until the declaration of new officials, many conflicts and issues arise just like how a lot of controversies that affects not just that electoral candidates but also the lives of the people surrounding them. Wherever you may be in the world, elections are just as messy from nation to nation, state to state.

In Ohio, elections do not much of a difference. They still spend hundreds of hours just to cast a voting ballot until it is called done. However, the elections in Ohio have been improvised to make it have one of the best election systems in the country and made cheating a hard thing to achieve.
The official candidates that had to be voted in Ohio elections, well aside from the Presidential candidate, are the Local Judges, School Boards, Municipal Government, and Ballot Measures. The said state does not have elections for U.S Senate, U.S House, Governor, Other State Executive, State Senate, State

House, State Judges, and Recalls.

Before the actual election date, Ohio holds a so-called primary election. This primary election is a state level preliminary election that is done by registered voters of the state is in selection for the deserving candidate to be a part of a political party for a position that they believed these candidates should be running for the actual elections. Aside from this, primary elections are used for letting the voters select political party leaders and convention delegates. The Ohio state uses the Open Primary System. The open primary system is where the registered voters don’t need to have to register with a political party already in order to vote in that primary’s party. The selection of preferred parties is usually done at the actual elections of Ohio.

Ohio elections happen in the 88 counties that the state has. Each county has a Board of Elections or BOE office that is responsible for dealings of local elections. One country that has this is the Clark County, Ohio Board of Elections.

This BOE is composed of four persons who are said to govern the board including two members from each of the major political parties in the election. The BOE is the place for filing petitions may it be local, legislative, and congressional.

The Clark County BOE is located at 3130 E. Main Street, Springfield, Ohio.