As you follow the 2016 United States election for the state of Ohio’s Senate seat, you’ll realize that it was a race between the incumbent Rob Portman, a Republican and Ted Strickland, a Democrat. This race was a tight one between the two in that Portland had enough money to disburse and Strickland was a former governor of Ohio and had lost a second term bid to Governor John Kasich in the last election.

It will be good for you to know that Portman had served for twelve years as a congressman, director of office management and budget and as a trade representative for the former president George w Bush. During the 2016 election period, Portman enclosed his bets by dissociating himself from Donald tramp on critical issues. At one time he said he wouldn’t accept the ticket for the vice president if he were to be asked because there were so many issues he disagreed with Trump. However, he added that based on his economic ideas he would still support him. Strickland used his campaign using Portman’s remark by painting him as someone with no strong stance. Portman was presumed to be one of the most defenseless republicans of the cycle opposing Strickland.However, as Donald Trump managed to fracture the state party, Portman a first time senator was able to run a well-made campaign.

All Ohio’s House seats were determined in that the Republicans held twelve seats, and the Democrats took four. You also need to know that every two years each of the house’s seats are usually up for election. Ohio has eighteen electoral votes, and for the last thirty presidential elections, the state had been voting for a winning presidential contender. However, 1944, and 1960 were the only two exceptions. While Donald Trump had been at war with the Republican Party, he managed to hold the state’s poll narrow lead in final days. Come Tuesday 8, November Ohio’s residents voted for him in the elections.

Here are Ohio’s presidential results for the first two Counties for you to follow for two leading presidential candidates. In Adams County, Donald Trump won by seventy-six percent. Hillary followed him with twenty-one percent. In Allen County, Trump managed to win by sixty-seven percent. Hillary followed him with twenty-nine percent of votes.

In summary, going through the above Ohio election updates, you’ll realize that voters in this state do not cause other States’ voters to vote one way or another, Such that, as a candidate secures vote in this state, he’ll automatically secure votes in other states. This is a State reflecting a larger trend.