The summit county offers voters a chance to enjoy early voting in Ohio County. The Ohio law states any citizen needs to avail themselves at the board of elections since it is the only place to hold early elections.

The Summit County Ohio board of elections rejected the call for setting off-sites location to facilitate early voting as some of the Democratic and Republican members of the council had suggested. The board of election has a big building that has ample of space that is un allocated and flexible to use. Space can easily be allocated to accommodate the absentee voting and in-person comfortably.

The Summit County Ohio board of elections decided in the voting process since both the republicans and democratic members of the council had a different view of where to hold the early election. The Ohio board of election is an independent committee, and its decisions are final. They have the mandate to ensure voters are given the right space to vote and the results are submitted correctly without any irregularities. The Secretary of the board said that neither the suggestions of the republicans or democratic would play a part in their decision.

The assured the voters that, unlike the other years where there is parking congestion, they were willing to explore extra parking spots at the nearby locations. They also suggested on using the shuttle to accommodate the early voters. The board promised to use additional means and their power to ensure the beginning of the electorate was well accommodated.

During the 2016 election the summit expected between 20,000 to 26,000 people to cast their votes early and in person. They also arranged for more than 90,000 voters to cast their ballots as absentee ballots delivered via email. Ohio has around 88 counties, and the Summit County Ohio board of elections holds all the responsibility to ensure voting is done constitutionally.

The Summit County Ohio board of elections has the right to hold the public speaking meeting to educate the voters on the importance of voting either early or as an absentee. With limited period the board was adamant to adopt the ideal and consistent poly of public speaking that will be applied to future elections.

The board has four members who have the mandate to discuss, vote and come up with rules that will not contravene the constitution and voting rights of Ohio people.