Let’s do a little civics test? What do you know about the Wayne county Ohio board of elections? Still thinking, don’t worry we will help you. Just make sure you keep yourself updated on governance issues, it’s very important.

Let’s start with its primary role and that’s the management of local and state election primaries as well as the general elections. You know what that means right? In case you don’t, it means that for Wayne County to take part in the election, this board has to make arrangements for the same. Otherwise as a resident of Wayne County, you might be unable to take part in election primaries as well as the general election.

So what exactly does the Wayne County Ohio board of directors do? Well for starters it carries out the most important function in any election process, and that’s registering voters. You do know that you can’t vote before you are a registered voter right? Well that’s what this board does in every election cycle. It ensures that every resident of Wayne County who attains the age of the majority gets registered to vote. That’s a very important function and without it, you would not be in a position to carry out your democratic duties of voting for your leaders.

Another important function that this board carries out is that of printing ballot papers. As a resident of Wayne County, you probably wonder where the ballots you use to vote come from. Well that’s one of the primary tasks of the Wayne County Ohio board of elections. They ensure that in every election cycle, there are enough ballots for every eligible voter in the county.

Additionally, this board approves nominations, and handles election petitions. In case you want to run for political office but have no idea how the process goes, all you have to do is to get in touch with the Wayne County Ohio board of elections. You may do this through their website which has all the information you need to know on how to become a participant in politics.

Other functions of this board include investigating voter fraud. That’s something you probably thought they do, right? Especially after the controversial 2016 election. If there were to be any problems with the elections in Wayne County, this board would the first place of call in investigating the issues that took place.

So who makes up this board? It’s made up of two republicans and two democrats. This ensures that any decision it takes represent the will of both parties.

That’s enough civics for today. Stay updated!